Records and Pictures of the Weggelaar family


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Marriage certificate 15 Jul 1668 of the grandparents of Elisabeth Willems THIJEENK  * 21-08-1710 Winterswijk + 28-11-1796 Winterswijk

Henrick Joostsz. TJEINCK
* 07-03-1658 Winterswijk
+ 27-04-1748 Winterswijk
Aeltjen Coenesd. ESSELINCK
* 11-02-1655 Winterswijk
+ 22-05-1728 Winterswijk

Death certificate of Evert Wiggelaars 15 Sep 1765


Marriage Willem Weglaar and Johanna de Wilde 12 Nov 1762


Family Chart Gerardus Christiaan Weggelaar 23 May 1886


Willem Weggelaar 9 Nov 1877


Willem Weggelaar 9 Nov 1877


Family Chart Gerardus Weggelaar 25 Aug 1868


Family Chart Gesina Bokelman 4 Oct 1894


Gerardus Christiaan Weggelaar 23 Jun 1891


Request of placing two children of Willem Weggelaar and Maria Elisabeth Deneke in an orphanage, due to the death of the mother 


Marriage certificate Willem Weggelaar and Dievertje Zon 7 Feb 1800



Birth certificate Willem Weggelaar 4 Apr 1800

Birth Certificate Willem Weggelaar 19 May 1830


Willem Weggelaar and family recieve in the summer of 1869 from the city Bread, Coal, etc... this due to the fact they were poor...This is actually "foodstamps" in current day

His father Willem Weggelaar and Johanna Wijnbergen recieved "Foodstamps" in the summer and winter from 1836 till 1847. I think you might say they were poor.



Army records of Willem George Weggelaar 13 May 1854


Army Records of Gerardus Christiaan Weggelaar 23 May 1886. He was medically discharged for the reason of nr 100.

No. 100. Vergrooting met ontaarding van de lel, verlenging of splijting daarvan (uvula fissa), gepaard met stoornis in het spreken en slikken. (The uvula, the little V-shaped fleshy mass hanging from the back of the soft palate, is cleft or split)


Family Chart Gerardus Christiaan Weggelaar 23 May 1886


Family Chart Gerardus Christiaan Weggelaar 25 Aug 1886





















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