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de Leuw/Smeulders/Gray    de Broeck    Stevens/Kolzielski    van Britson Indiana, USA 

Weggelaar    Hoogendijk/Hogendijk

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 It all started in 2007, when i decided to make a family tree from my greatgrandfather Petrus bernardus van Britsom on down. The reason behind it being that the family through out the years has grown apart. This is logical of course, but still..... My daughter would hear me talking to an uncle/aunt of mine and she would ask who was that...I would draw it out on a piece of paper and she would understand where he/she stood in the family.

As I progressed, one surprise after another. At one certain moment I was talking to Rob van Britsom about the family tree and we decided to go to the Noord-Hollands Archief in Haarlem. This is where all the records are kept. We found a lot on the "van Britsom's". However one stuck out...this being that I was raised in the "Good Old US of A"

A certain "Hippolytus van Britsom" immigrated to the USA on 23rd of September 1923.....So coming home I started to surf on the web and I found the following


Main Office Telephone Number: (908) 879-5361






Hugh D. Newman Jr.


Council Member

Stan Quintana


Council Member

Valle Schloesser


Council Member

Robert Davis


Council Member

Jerry Schammas


Council Member

Robert Finnesey


Council President

Don Storms Jr.



Bonnie Van Britsom

I thought let me give her a call. She was the first on the list and i could not find Hippolytus on the web. I called Bonnie and I intoduced myself and said that I'm from Holland and asked her if she was a descendent of Hippolytus van Britsom...It turned quite and after she finished stuttering...She made me stutter..She said "well you would have to talk to his son, because he knows more about the van Britsom family than me". My response was very diplomatic "He's still alive!!"

To make a long story short..I talked to Carl van Britsom in New Jersey and i found out  he was searching for his dutch family for over 40 years. Carl had all the pictures of the family... we talked for hours on end including the time differences and work. Last year the wife and me went and visited the American branch of the van Britsom's.  I have met/talked with just about every branch (Delorenzo, Horack, Sas, Tulen etc...) of the family. Last week I met Ton Jansen, he is the grandson of Christina van britsom. He also brought pictures and stories with him. This was the last branch of Franciscus and Amelia.



Carl Frederick van Britsom passed away April 27th, 2017 at 3:30 am   

A Dutch poem provided by Martin van Britsom meaning "You cannot walk away from your destiny" 

De tuinman en de dood 

(written by Van Eijk)

 Een Perzisch Edelman:

Van morgen ijlt mijn tuinman, wit van schrik,
Mijn woning in: 'Heer, Heer, ťťn ogenblik!

Ginds, in de rooshof, snoeide ik loot na loot,
Toen keek ik achter mij. Daar stond de Dood.

Ik schrok, en haastte mij langs de andere kant,
Maar zag nog juist de dreiging van zijn hand.

Meester, uw paard, en laat mij spoorslags gaan,
Voor de avond nog bereik ik Ispahaan!' -

Van middag - lang reeds was hij heengespoed -
Heb ik in 't cederpark de Dood ontmoet.

'Waarom,' zo vraag ik, want hij wacht en zwijgt,
'Hebt gij van morgen vroeg mijn knecht gedreigd?'

Glimlachend antwoordt hij: 'Geen dreiging was 't,
Waarvoor uw tuinman vlood. Ik was verrast,

Toen 'k 's morgens hier nog stil aan 't werk zag staan,
Die 'k 's avonds halen moest in Ispahaan.'


I think the most interesting was meeting Amelia van Britsom or Tante Willy...bless her...She was born 16th of July 1920 and to this day the oldest living "van Britsom". i talked to her for hours on the phone. She was telling me stories about the family which happened in the late 1920 and early 1930's and she can laugh!!....the best story was that she and her mother would go to Tante Tonia on a sunday afternoon and they would have "jonge jenever" and she would have tea. Tante Tonia is my greatgrandmother. 

This is how Tante Tonia looked the last time Tante Willy saw her    and this is how tante Tonia saw her for the last

The below pictures were taken last year (2010) with Divine (my wife) Carina (daughter of Tante Willy) and Teri (a great cuz)


Amelia van Britsom passed away July 6th, 2015 at 6:30 pm 

at the young age of 94.

The story within the "van Britsom"family is that Petrus Bernardus van Britsom was born as Petrus Bernardus de Broeck. His birth certificate confirms this. When Franciscus married Amelia, he adopted both Petrus and Carolus. Carolus is thought to be his child, he was born two months before they got married in 30 Jan 1890. Now Oma de Broeck had of course a very good explanation of how things happened and who the father was of Petrus. --Quote-- "Het was een sterke man van de kermis" --Unquote-- translated "It was the strong man from the circus". Now we all know that the strong man in the circus always has a "Dumb-bell" The dutch translation for that is "Halter" (remember this for later in the story).

When Carl and Bonnie were here and when Divine and me were in the States, we started to notice that there were a lot of similarities between all of us. Even though we came together by Amelia de Broeck. So we started to wonder if Franciscus might be the father of Petrus, but being in the 1880's they thought different about un-wed mothers. They kept it silent. We decided to have a Paternal 46 Y-Chromosome DNA test done. Carl, Martin and myself took part in it. 

For me it was easy. even though i have the name (from my mother) my actual paternal line goes thru the Denee line (please don't tell anybody). So i ended up of matching (within 7 generations) with somebody in England named Eric Silva Jones or his forefather, Griffith Jones died 1754. It's highly likely that Eric Silva Jones and me have the same great......greatgrandfather. For Carl matched with a certain John Presson within 12generations. It's highly unlikely that they are related. Now it was Martin's turn. he matched with someone within 5 generations. This is a match!! That would put it around 1880 where the two families join. The person name is Patsy L Halter (her maiden name)living in the USA. She had her brother do the DNA test. Now the Halters come from Belgium/France in the neighbourhood  of Oma de Broeck and they immigrated to the USA around 1880-1890. Thru DNA we now know who Oma de broeck liked, at least his last name. So a lot of persons who are named "van Britsom" today, should actually be named "Halter". So oma de Broeck did actually name the father, it just took 130 years and DNA to figure it out.  

Mr. Halter at least did respond once to Oma de Broeck never to be heard from again......OH YES I almost forgot to mention, Patsy Halter did respond once or twice to Martin and never to be heard from again either... who was it that said that history repeats it self.

Now that i have all of the descendent of Franciscus van Britsom and Amelia de Broeck , i decided to build this website. There are about 12000 persons in it. All are family members, one way or another. Either married into the family or there is a blood line. The line goes paternal and maternal.

When you start to go thru the history and start to find papers, you also come against some sad history/ example Amelia de Broeck's maternal grandmother  Anna Coleta Dierickx had a statement drawn up by a lawyer to see if her parents would give their permission for the marriage with Jan Bernard Willems....they refused....Anna Coleta Dierickx got married anyway on 27 January 1835...she gave birth to Clementia Sophia Willemse (mother of Amelia de Broeck) on 15 March 1835.....Anna Coleta Dierickx died on 1 April 1835 at the age of 33...don't you know that Anna Coleta's parents had a good feeling on the 2nd of April. Click here to read the documents (in Dutch) 

Clementia Sophia Willems 1835 - 1921

Please note that the site is under MAJOR construction and that it will take some time to put all the info into it (+/- 5000 pictures/documents). Any comment is welcome..i consider this site a family site, please do give comment.

Don't forget it's very easy to find the trail of the family and it's much easier to get lost in the trail. If you want some of pictures or help, just shoot me an email.

Mick van Britsom, Lelystad, 11th July 2011 

Here is the recorded history of Gerardus Christiaan (Gary) Weggelaar (Born 27-12-1921 Amsterdam) and Elizabeth de Gids (Born 22-9-1922 Schiedam) who immigrated to Western-Australia 1949/1950. Once I read it, it reminded me of my mother and myself arriving into New York (May 1962) and seeing the Statue of Liberty for the first time. Being in a strange new country, hearing a strange language and seeing strange customs for the first time. 

This document was provided by Judy Weggelaar and I agree with what she says about it

" I think it should be compulsory reading for any descendants. It shows how tough the early migrants had it."

The First Years of the WEGGELAAR Family in Western Australia 

Click here 

How the Bax's got back together after 50 years click here


26 October 2014



With all the wars and turmoil going on in this world. I found something which i wanted to share. It's from a distant cousin of mine "Richard van Britsom" He was with the Belgium resistance during WWII. They found a letter which he wrote 2 days before he was executed by the Nazis.

We must not forget what happened and what can happen again

first part is in dutch second English

NKB-Iid Richard Van Britsom in een brief aan zijn echtgenote vanuit de gevangenis van Sint-Gillis, opgesteld op 16 februari 1944, twee dagen voor zijn executie:

"Allerliefste Vrouw. Zie niet naar het geschrift, want ik heb een potlood gekregen om te schrijven, dat juist groot genoeg is, om vast te houden: Ik heb reeds de kramp in mijn vingeren van 't nijpen. Nu Poesken, ik heb een pakje gereed gemaakt met vuil goed, dat afgekookt moet worden want ik heb het zelf al te dikwijls gewasschen in 't koud water en kan het niet meer proper krijgen. Poesken, stuur mij eens wat geld op a.u.b. dan kan ik hier kantien bekomen. U kunt het geld opsturen meteen mandaat. Gij schrijft er mijn naam op, mšn geboorten datum en 't adres van hier, zoo zal ik mijn nummer bekomen van mijn konto. U moogt gerust geld opsturen dat komt altijd terecht. U moogt mij ook opsturen in mijn pak, een kaartspel want wij mogen hier met de kaart spelen alsook met andere spelen.

Nu Poesken zoet hoe is het zooal met U en met ons lieve kindjes zijn ze wat braaf en gehoorzaam, doet Jozefken goed zijn beste in de school, gaat hij wat vooruit in 't rekenen? Ons Annieken wat steekt diŽn deugeniet uit in de school, heeft zij altijd nog altijd haar punten op alles, kan zij al zwijgen in de klas. Poesken vergeet niet van mijne beste groeten te doen aan Papa en RaphaŽl, [alsook] aan heel de Familie. Zeker aan dokter Lťo en aan Mr. Georges en aan al de vrienden. Vrouwken zoet hebt goeden moed, vriend want eens komt de dag dat wij wederom te samen zullen zijn, onze lieven Heer wil niet dat christene menschen gelijk of wij gescheiden blijven. Ik bid veel en bidt Gij ook veel en zoo zuIlen wij nog te samen zijn, Poesken, kom mij veel bezoeken hoor! Dat doet mij telkenmaal veel goed, met mijn nieren kan het beter zijn, natuurlijk 't voedsel dat mankeert, maar dat zal wel goed komen, naar lijden komt verblijden zegt het spreekwoord en dat is de waarheid. [ ... ]"

NKB (Resistance) Member Richard van Britsom in a letter to his wife from the prison of Sint-Gillis, writen 16 Feb 1944, two days before he was executed bij the Nazis
"My lovely wife. Don't look at my handwriting, because i got a pencil just big enough to hold. i'm having cramps in my fingers just holding on to it. Now Poesken (nickname of his wife) I have prepared a package of my dirty laundry, that need to be cooked, because i have washed it plenty of times in cold water, but i cannot get it clean anymore. Poesken please send me some money that i can live here a little bit normal. You can send the money ASAP. Just write my name on it with birthdate and address here. It will come into my account here. You can send money with no problem, i'll recieve it. You can also send me a suit and cards...we are allowed to play cards even other games.

Now my sweet are you and with our sweet children.. are they good and obediant. Does Jozefken do his best in school and is his arithmatic better? Our Annieken who is the rebel in the she getting it together and kan she keep her month shut. Poesken don't forget to give my best wishes to Papa and RaphaŽl and to the family For sure to Dr Leo and Mr Georges and to the friends.

Wife have good faith because there will be a day that we will be together, Our Lord doesn't want us christian people to be seperated. I pray a lot and you must to pray and then we will be together. Poesken come to visit me alot . Each times it does me good. my kidneys could be better , but the food could be better also, but that will come.

the saying is that after suffering comes the salvation and that is the truth!!!!!



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de Leuw/Smeulders/Gray    de Broeck    Stevens/Kolzielski    van Britson Indiana, USA 

Weggelaar    Hoogendijk/Hogendijk

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Various documents of family members dating back to 1620 click here

Franciscus van Britsom and Amelia de Broeck


Any comments/corrections are welcome

Children of Franciscus and Amelia

       No Picture    No Picture                   No Picture   

                                                      Peter            Karel             Theo            Greet             Alex             Max               Stien              Plet             Maria                Aloijs                Rikus       

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The following families (in no special order) have participated in creating the descendent family members of Franciscus and Amelia: 

Laduc, de Wolff, Keeman, Wilcox, Cabrera, Wortel, van Heteren, van Britsom, de Broeck, van den Berg, Janus, Blankert, Wilczinski, Winkeler, Steeman, de Jong, Buhla, Denee, Camara, Vonhof, Tegelaar, Koelemeijer, Di Cicco, Jonk, Tulen, Sas, de Jager, van Egmond, Seggelink, van Wijk, van de Berg, Keizer, Noordhuizen, Depenbrock, Seinhorst, van Deursen, Fransen, de Vries, Caarls, Wuring, Takens, Timm, Strickland, Roy, Hupka, Trimpe, ter Metz, Delorenzo, Magy, Cook, Hahofer, Bartolo, Moran, Horack, Jansen, van Dijk, Teada, Stidl, Foth, Wisker, Breen, van Huizen, Bax, van der Broeck, Belini, Fernandes, Sabo, Bailon

The below persons are the great-grandparents of Michel van Britsom on his paternal and maternal side. Click on the name below for a complete overview of the family tree. Please note that within the page you can click on a name (in blue) and you will be redirected to the Geneanet website, where a new world will open up for you.


                 Wilhelmus Denee    Maria Sophia Lindeloo        Johannes Hendricus Teunissen    Johanna Maria Hoogendijk        Petrus Bernardus van Britsom    Antonia Bax        Anton Buhla    Martha Banko

On the left below is my Great-Great-Great-grandmother and on the right her daughter Katrina de Meijer and son-in-law Johan Augustus Volkers. Apollonia was the grandmother of Wilhelmus Denee 

Pictures taken between 1850-1860 (thanks to Louise Reus-Koldijk)


                                                 Apollonia De Meijer 1803 - 1868                                                                            J.A. Volkers (1827 - 1883) and Katerina de Meijer (1828-1871) Married 26 Feb 1851

Letters found from Simon Vaartjes (28-03-1753 - 28-01-1795). The great-grandfather of Maria Sophia Lindeloo

He was a captain with the Dutch East Indies Company also known as the VOC. The voyage from Texel to The Cape of Good Hope. He left Texel on 12 January 1787 and arrived in The Cape of Good Hope on 19 May 1787.

Below you see an actual conversion of the trip he took....Latitude and Longitude in the ships log put into Google Earth. To see the translation of the ship's log. Click here 


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To view other family websites, stories, information click on the name   

de Leuw/Smeulders/Gray    de Broeck    Stevens/Kolzielski    van Britson Indiana, USA 

Weggelaar    Hoogendijk/Hogendijk

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Various documents of family members dating back to 1620 click here

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Library of the family. 

Here you will find books on Heraldry, Land van Waas, Friesland, Italia Donia etc...also the sources are listed here, which were used to obtain information.


scroll down you will find the origin of the name van britsom. Look at that or click here, very interesting. ...

Also visit the Documentatiestichting Leeuwardendeel site 

Origin of the "van Britsom" name 

Family name comes from the city of Britsum, Leeuwarderadeel, Friesland. From the German words brogjo (swamp terrain) + haima (house).


The village of Britsum is sited within the municipality of Leeuwarderadeel (province of Friesland), in The Netherlands. Britsum was built on an artificial bank (terp) running along the eastern side of  the former Middelzee (Middlesea) blue in above picture. The church, built around 1300, is also located on this bank. Also visit the Documentatiestichting Leeuwardendeel site 

Click here to see pictures of church inside 


The first time the name of "van Britsom" is mentioned is in an official document of 6 May 1431 whereby Popeka Thiessinga a Britzsim confirming exchanging land with the convent of Clercamp. The parchment was sealed with the seal of Popeka a "Fleur de Lis". Popeka was back then a very important person. He was the Judge, Jury and Hangman.

This was the way he wrote the "van Britsom" name in 1431   

Please enter here for the explanation / theory to the name

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To view other family websites, stories, information click on the name   

de Leuw/Smeulders/Gray    de Broeck    Stevens/Kolzielski    van Britson Indiana, USA 

Weggelaar    Hoogendijk/Hogendijk

to view pictures of unknown persons click here

Various documents of family members dating back to 1620 click here

Martin van Britsom's Reflection on  

A so called garage sale in the Netherlands.

A collection  with the exception in general from the printed matters, bought and took home by father in law, a professional civil airline pilot as souveniers from the thirties up to the sixties in past century.

The† choice of selection, but not extensive :Original posters, mainly ťcole de Paris up to American pop-art, Picasso, Braque, Leger, Chagall, Matisse, Cocteau, Van Dongen, Johns, Rausenberg, Dine, Warhol, Hockney and so on.


sculpture of Gorky by Ivan Kavaleridze (1887-1978) 

Ukrainian Russian Soviet sculpture 

for more details enter here 

Some prints, British pop-art, Picasso.

A few paintings in general (Breughel II : subject to and under conditions)

Chinese pottery/ceramic in particular  a couple of watchtowers, complete set of zodiack figurines. African masks and sculptures.

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African Tribal Art    


Rare Earth       


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